Digital Warrior

Commit to being one of the 100 folks that will share each of the posts on the Rob Cox For Frisco Facebook Page.  Each time you like, share or comment on a post, hundreds more of our friends and neighbors will see it. With the council race happening during a national election we must reach more voters and these 100 volunteers will help us saturate Frisco with goodness

Neighborhood Captain

Commit to help get our message out, and be part of the 100 families/folks that will pass out up to 100 door hangers in their neighborhood.  We will provide you with the door hangers and a list of voters in your neighborhood. We will respect no soliciting signs and practice safe social distancing protocols. This is a great way to introduce your children, friends and neighbors to being involved

Frisco Funder

Commit to be a part of the 100 folks that will help raise a minimum of $100 in donations from your personal network. Many of my donations come in smaller forms, $10, $25, 30, etc. Reaching out to your friends, families, and neighbors to help will go a long way in helping get our message to voters.

Voter Greeter

Commit to be a part of the 100 folks who will poll greet for a 2-3 hour shift in early voting or on Election day. With the high turnout of the Presidential election it is more important than ever that we speak with our neighbors and let them know the importance of our local race.

Dear Frisco,

All of my life I have found myself to be the one giving help to others. One of the hardest things for me to do is ask others for help. To accomplish great things, we must work together and I need your help!


Many of my friends and supporters have asked how they can help my campaign to serve the residents of Frisco. We have come up with the 100 for Frisco Club to help explain how you can assist the campaign, in ways that fit your unique set of talents and schedule.


Thank you for your support and dedication to making Frisco an even better place to live for future generations 

Yes Rob! Sign Me Up To Help:

Pol Ad. Pd for by the Rob Cox for Frisco City Council, Place 5 Campaign