Meet Our Neighbor 

Rob Cox

Rob Cox knows what it’s like to live the American Dream. Growing up, Rob’s father worked two jobs to put food on the table. Times were tough, but at a young age, Rob learned the values of hard work and how to stretch a dollar.  Rob worked to pay his own way through college and began working as a software developer. This started his long, successful career in technology and has partnered with several Global 100 companies. Rob is mission-oriented and always prepared for a challenge. Now, more than ever, that is what we need in our elected leaders.


Rob has lived and worked in Frisco for over two decades, he raised his family here, and his children were graduates of Frisco Public Schools. With the opening on City Council, community leaders who know Rob and his dedication to our city, are united in supporting Rob's decision to run.


As the Chairman of the Frisco Planning and Zoning Commission, Rob has worked diligently to make Frisco a destination for businesses and high paying jobs with the goal to shift the tax burden away from homeowners. Rob is known for his common sense and fiscally responsible principles. As our next City Councilman, he will fight to improve traffic flow and reduce our property tax burden.


Rob is a calm and steady leader who will hit the ground running. In times of crisis, we cannot afford elected officials who need on the job training. We can trust Rob to step up to the challenge and guide our city through this trying time. Rob will never lose sight of our long-term goal of making Frisco an even better place to live for future generations.


Rob and his wife Kelly, a teacher in Frisco ISD, attend church at Frisco First.

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